Street Department

The Street Department has a wide variety of job duties. They provide regular and preventive street maintenance as well as emergency responsibilities.


Potholes are logged by street crews or by calls from citizens. If a pothole is deemed dangerous, it is repaired promptly. All others are repaired in a timely manner.


Over 50 roadside locations are maintained with a tractor and bush hog to prevent excessive grass and weeds that would hinder visibility. Approximately 35 natural waterways are cleared of grass, weeds and debris to reduce the clogging of storm drains.


Most ditch work is performed during the winter months. We also maintain the clearing of ditches when time allows.

Street Repairs

The repair of deteriorated concrete, brick and asphalt streets is a major part of the street department. When larger sections of a street are in need of repair, a milling process is performed and the asphalt millings are then used in alleys, potholes and parking lots.

Storm Drains & Culverts

A routine check and cleaning of storm drains, culverts, and waterways is performed. With the use of a Vactor truck, clogged storm drains, culverts and storm drain catch basins are flushed and cleaned out.

Brush/Tree Limb Dump

The City of Fort Scott has a free disposal site for brush, leaves and grass clippings that is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to Noon. The Street Department is responsible for overseeing this dump site and those proper items are disposed of and only city residents using this site.

Street Sweeping

The street sweeper operates on a regular basis on curbed streets mainly and by work districts.

Traffic Control

The Street Department is responsible for replacing burned out bulbs of traffic signals and resetting the computerized programs when a power outage occurs. Routine checks of traffic signals and cleaning of camera lenses are also performed.

The street signs are replaced when reflectivity has deteriorated or when new signs are required by local, state and federal guidelines. The repainting of crosswalks, center lines, edges of pavement, parking lines, and ADA handicapped markings are updated once to twice a year according to visibility. Barricades are placed in preparation of parades and special events.

Snow & Ice Removal

Upon receiving 2 inches of snow, the snow is plowed to the curbside. The aerial streets are the first streets to have snow and ice removed. The collector streets are then cleared and finally the side streets. When ice starts to form, ice control (salt and rock fines mixed) is then applied to the snow routes on an as needed basis determined by the Street Supervisor or the Public Works Director.


Over 30 flags are maintained and changed throughout the City on a regular basis. Flags are lowered by declaration of the President of the United States or the Governor of the State of Kansas. Reasons for lowering flags include special remembrances of events or the death of a soldier.


The City has over 40 banners that are maintained and changed on a regular basis in the downtown area. Special banners are changed according to the banner of the month.

Emergency Response

In the event of a natural disaster such as flooding, storms, and high winds, the Street Department is asked to assist the Police and Fire Departments. Barricades are placed on streets that are impassible and/or dangerous to the public. Streets are then cleared of trees, limbs, trash or debris and reopened when safe travel is permitted. In case of flooding, barricades are put up and then removed when flood waters have receded and no longer a threat.

Special Events

The Street Department provides assistance for traffic control for special events. Setup and take down of stages and picnic tables for these events and parades throughout the year is provided. Barricades are placed in preparation of parades and other special events that require the closing of streets.