Land Bank Board

In 2018, the City of Fort Scott established the Fort Scott Land Bank. The purpose of the Land Bank is to acquire title to dilapidated, vacant or unused properties and convert them to productive use. Such properties do not contribute to the tax base, create fire and safety hazards and reduce the value of surrounding properties. Most properties are acquired through Bourbon County tax foreclosure sale, though properties have been and may be donated. At this point in time the Land Bank has 47 Fort Scott properties in its inventory.

The Land Bank will determine the bet usage for a property, considering the neighborhood, the size of the lot, and the condition of any structures thereon and attempt to sell the property for value in accordance with a Development Agreement entered into between the Land Bank and the purchaser. The agreement will require the developer to improve the property, such as building a house thereon or remodel an existing structure, within a given period of time. If the developer fails to comply with the terms of the agreement, the property reverts to the Land Bank. Until such time as the property is purchased, the Land Bank is required to maintain the premises, such as mowing, and may have to cause an unsafe structure to be removed.

The Board of Trustees of the Fort Scott Land Bank consist of Robert Coon/Chairperson, Bailey Lyons/Treasurer, Melissa Guns/City Commissioner, Jim Harris/County Commissioner, Rob Harrington/Bourbon County REDI and Patrick Wood. One seat is currently vacant.

The Land Bank has appointed Pat Bishop as the Land Bank Manager effective January 1, 2023. He will be responsible for acquiring properties and maintaining them pending transfer, but his most important responsibility will be the sale or transfer of properties to buyers through setting up the development agreement, all subject to the approval of the Land Bank Board of Trustees. 

If you are interested in purchasing a property, complete and submit a Land Bank Application 2023

If you would like to donate a property, please consult the Land Bank Donation Form

Fort Scott Land Bank Policies & Procedures

Fort Scott Land Bank Ordinance No.  3599


Office hours:  Monday through Friday, 1:00PM-5:00PM.  

Phone:  (620) 224-6962



Pat Bishop, Land Bank Manager

Robert Coon, Chairperson

Bailey Lyons, Treasurer

Rob Harrington, Bourbon County REDI Representative

Melissa Guns, City Commission Representative

Jim Harris, County Commission Representative

Patrick Wood

Properties in the Land Bank Inventory

  • 116 N. CRAWFORD
  • 315 N. SHUTE
  • 317 S. LITTLE
  • 416 S. CRAWFORD
  • 612 S. COUCH
  • 615 S. COUCH
  • 616 S. HORTON
  • 1005 E. OAK
  • 101 N. CRAWFORD
  • 1012 S. CRAWFORD
  • 1101 S. NATIONAL
  • 1316 E. OAK
  • 202 S. MARGRAVE
  • 226 N. CAMERON
  • 301 N. SHUTE
  • 323 S. HILL
  • 410 S. MARGRAVE
  • 415 S. HOLBROOK
  • 501 N. COATES
  • 601 W. 2ND STREET
  • 611 S. CRAWFORD
  • 627 S. HEYLMAN
  • 702 S. BROADWAY
  • 710 S. LOWMAN
  • 1234 E. ELM
  • 411 S. OSBUN
  • 305 S. COUCH
  • 608 S. BROADWAY
  • 1024 S. JUDSON