Neighborhood Revitalization Program

Program Objective

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) is a partnership between the City of Fort Scott, and Bourbon County. The NRP is intended to promote revitalization and development by focusing rehabilitation, conservation, and redevelopment within the NRP area by offering property tax rebates to owners who complete certain improvements or renovations of property. However, there must be a minimum investment of $5,000 on residential properties and $10,000 on commercial/industrial properties to receive a tax rebate incentive.

Application Process

  1. Before the project begins, please obtain an application
    • Complete and submit Part 1 of the application to the Community Development Department
    • Provide a copy of the Property Deed
    • Provide a copy of the most recent paid tax receipt
    • Provide any drawings and/or detailed listings of all proposed improvements
    • Provide a cost estimate for all proposed improvements
    • Provide copies of applicable building permits
  2. When the project is complete:
    • Complete and submit Part 2 of the application to the Community Development Department
    • Provide copies of any receipts for the project
    • Provide a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy or a Final Inspection document issued by the City of Fort Scott Codes Department certifying the project is complete and approved Neighborhood Revitalization Program Map

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