Fort Scott is located in the center of the nation. Nestled in the intersection of Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas; Fort Scott is an ideal place for business. Both, the Kansas City metro area and I-44 area convenient hour and a half drive via four-lane highway 69. Highway 54 intersects with 69 at Fort Scott and provides direct access to Wichita in the west and Saint Louis in the east. The Kansas Department of Transportation is starting a $25 million project to expand Highway 69 South to a four lane to the Crawford County line. 

The Facts: 
• The City of Fort Scott is home to 7,838 people. 
• The median household income is $31,592. 
• The median hourly wage is $14.94, which is higher than any other surrounding Kansas counties. 
• The median home price is $67,200. 
• The cost of living is 22.4% lower than the national average. 
• The current unemployment rate is 4.5%. 
• There have been 804 jobs added since 2010.