Emergency Response

CDBG Cover

The application process is now closed for the CDBG Revolving Loan Emergency Response Program. We will no longer be accepting new applications. 4/10/2020.

The Kansas Department of Commerce CDBG Program has drastically changed the requirements of our Revolving Loan Fund program.  The City is encouraging immediate use of our Revolving Loan Fund to support the working capital needs of businesses in the City of Fort Scott.

 The City’s CDBG Revolving Loan Fund has up to $260,000 directed towards small businesses with the highest risk of closing and/or laying off workers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The purpose of this program is to retain existing jobs.  

CDBG Loan – Emergency Response FAQs

Is a business where the owner is the only employee eligible for this loan program?
>> No, there must be at least one employee other than the owner for the business to be eligible.

Am I required to submit a separate Employee Certification Form ‘Exhibit B’ for each employee?
>> Yes, you will need to submit a separate form for every employee, both full and part-time.  

How will my workforce LMI be used to determine eligibility?
>> In order to qualify for the loan 51% of your workforce must fall within the low to moderate income threshold.

Is a business that has been in operation fewer than 12 months eligible to apply?
>> Yes, a business that has been open fewer than 12 months is eligible for the CDBG loan program.

My business is outside of City limits, am I eligible to apply?
>> Yes, you are eligible to apply. However, the State has instructed the City to give priority to businesses located within the City of Fort Scott.