Lake Fort Scott is located just a few miles Southwest of Fort Scott, Kansas. It is approximately 360 acres and offers outstanding fishing plus plenty of space for recreational boating. Lake Fort Scott is owned by the City of Fort Scott but the lake's shoreline is developed for private residences.  The lake is a Community Fisheries Assistance Lake Cooperator, there are no city permits for fishing and boating while fishing. City permit required for recreational boating.  There is a double lane boat ramp, two floating docks, and toilets on the northwest side. There are several areas managed for shoreline fishing as well as floating fish feeders to note if boat fishing.  The lake has quite a reputation for large flathead and channel catfish, largemouth and spotted bass are abundant also.  Recent tree/habitat placements will improve angler success for bass and crappie.  
Fort Scott Lake
"Lake Fort Scott was constructed in the early 60’s and most organic aquatic habitat is long gone. Lake Fort Scott is in need of aquatic habitat to improve fisheries habitat. By placing the leftover Christmas trees in shallow and mud depth areas we are creating spawning, food production and feeding areas. We placed the new fish attractions in areas easily accessible by shoreline and boat anglers, creating and improving fishing opportunities for lake users. This is a great project that improves fishing, attracts more anglers to the area and will provide positive benefits for years. Additionally the 600 trees didn’t fill up a landfill." - Don George, Fisheries Biologist