Planning Commission


  • Cheryl Adamson
    Term expires, 12/2023
  • Mitch Quick, Chairman
    Term expires: 12/2024
  • Pam Hightower
    Term expires: 12/2023
  • Judy Warren
    Term expires: 12/2023
  • Denise Brezik
    Term expires: 12/2024

  • Carol MacArthur
    Term expires: 12/2023
  • Mark McCoy
    Term expires: 12/2024
  • Term expires:
  • Geoffrey Clark
    Term expires: 12/2024
  • Darcy Smith
    Term expires: 12/2024


The function of the Planning Commission is to:
  • Review and adopt (as well as update) the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Fort Scott
  • Establish zoning districts and allowable uses
  • Review zoning regulations within the City
  • Review requests for special permits or conditional uses within certain zoning districts in the City
The Commission also reviews site plans for planned areas and is responsible for zoning within the 3 mile limit of the City of Fort Scott.   They meet on an "as needed" basis.

Member Requirements & Terms

  • 10 members
  • Term: 3 years
  • 7 members must reside within City limits
  • 3 members may live outside of City limits