Design Review Board


  • Arnold Schofield, Chairman - Term expires: 12/2023

  • Peggy Cummings - Term expires: 12/2024

  • Stacy Wood - Term expires 12/2023

  • Jerry Witt -Term expires: 12/2024

  • Rick Zingre - Term expires: 12/2023

  • Martha Jane Gentry - Term expires 12/2024

Term Limit

  • 3 years


The function of the Design Review Board is an advisory board, appointed to review requests for Certificate of Appropriateness in the historic district of our downtown. They meet on an “as needed” basis and RECOMMEND APPROVAL of the certificate to the City Commission who will make the final decision.

Certificates of Appropriateness and Design Guidelines for the Fort Scott Historic District are available on this website or by contacting the Community Development Director.

To set a date for a meeting with the Design Review Board, please contact Mary Wyatt, Community Development Director or (620) 223-0550 Ext. 250.

Please be aware that the Design Review process MAY REQUIRE MORE THAN ONE MEETING with the advisory board due to the nature of the project. It is recommended to engage and involve the Design Review Advisory Board early in your project process. This may avoid the possibility of unnecessary work and/or expenses. The board is in place to advise, review the design according to the Fort Scott Historic District Guidelines and recommend suggestions to the applicant to avoid possible issues that can be addressed prior to presenting the project to the City Commission for approval. This advisory board was designed to be a help and not a obstacle to completing design projects in the historic district through a cooperative effort to maintain the historic integrity of the City of Fort Scott.